Ho-ly damn.

"Nothing can spare you from my wrath! I am invincible! I am immortal!"

...I am back.

I left E2 temporarily in May. I hope people didn't get too worried. I left partly because... well, I had some very stupid other things to do. I popped back a few weeks ago or something, but didn't return then because E2 was, as usual, being Damn Slow. Mmmmm, felt right at home there...

One of the really, really good reasons why I left E2 was that I was completely, totally addicted to voting, and once I forcibly broke from the habit, I lost all interest in E2. Now I've had time to cool down. Dropped down from seat #7 to #8 on EBU, but dammit, it was worth it. =) Another reason was that, as you know, you get report of how many XP you've gained since last visit; I didn't want to mess up my calculations. Then, today, I thought "what the hell I mean by 'calculations'? I hardly look at the damn thing!" and decided that visiting E2 daily might be a cool idea even if I don't get "you gained 20 XP" every time...

...yeah, XP is irrelevant and all that...

The big reason I returned: I was bored to death in the cold, hard, miserable, annoying world out there. Here, I was always finding out new things about something interesting.

Now if I'd only get used to typing "e2 whatever" instead of "wp whatever"... =)

Where have I hanged around since then? Well, I've been browsing Wikipedia and wrote my first article there (somewhat along the lines of my E2 writeup on Exult), written some small bits to MobyGames, and such. Still hanged around in Slashdot, K5, and such. I've also found some forums to read (yiffstar.com, whose forums are far more about furries babbling about video games than yiff =),

The only thing that has changed? Well... I'm addicted to Ultimas. I was, previously, but now I'm a complete Ultima nuthead. I've finished Ultima VII and Ultima VII Part 2: Serpent Isle. I've also finished other games like Wind Waker.

I'm here. I sure hope I can make myself to get back to the habit of using E2 frequently, because the Outside World is Boring.

I'm getting really sentimental, but I need to shed a tear for all of the cool moments I've missed. I sometimes get messages from people telling me something that's happening, and I read the messages too late. I wish I were there.

I wish I had been here in my birthday.