I hope this won't get too much attention. (But then again, it'd be foolish to expect otherwise... day logs are day logs)..

Speaking of masturbationary things, I had just about the most pleasurable pawing today. I took two ciders and toyed with a thingy and did some other sorts of pawing, all in wonderful small intoxicated state. No, I won't tell anything else. Reason being that I was too drunk to actively pay attention, I just enjoyed freely what I did. Spent good one and half hour. Highly recommended. =)

Apparently I was also so drunk afterwards that I a) put a message to an online dating page (a la "virgin bi guy wants to get some rod, anyone want to help?") and *gasp* replied to one lady's message. I doubt either will actually lead to anything because I think I sounded like an idiot (not going to change those messages, they were submitted with a pen name from behind a mail redirector), but nevertheless, it looks like I'm becoming a public danger for the nerd stereotype. =) Again one of the moves I don't think whether I should regret them or congratulate myself for...

Other stuff for today: Nokia 9110 Communicator refuses to interface with both of my old machine and the new one, too. Seriously uncool, considering I have two megabytes of crap stored on that thing and I need to get it backed up to the disk! Apparently 9110 was never meant to be used with full memory.

Well, again, neither are many other OSes - anyone ever witnessed Linux crashing due to lack of memory? I have. It barely could be shut down peacefully that time. In related news, I still haven't allocated an additional swap partition for Linux, I now have 128 megs of physical RAM and 130 megs of swap... Would I need more or is that enough?

Well, that's all I did today. In day I also saw Deep Space Nine episode (I'm not really much into Star Trek because it's often at times I easily forget...) and listened to The Men From The Ministry from radio. Had to pass Alivaltiosihteeri, though. Damn.

Oh, and regarding today's hot topic of speling: I'm the Master of Tyops. Only Ratserman can beta me! =)

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