I got the damn sound working on the new machine. Turned out that I had compiled the ESS Solo1 driver as module, even when I clearly remembered I had compiled it in. Weird.

I also used eXtace first time for loooong time - now it's available as a Debian package! I think I last used it in GNOME 0.12 =)


The webcam I've been working with now has text adding thanks to Gd library. Now if I only could get a camera... =)

I started browsing VCL again last night, too, again a few pages of new pictures since then...


Tried playing the Nike Football video clip again ("It's just a ball." "No, it's rounder."). I love that commercial for some reason =) This time, I could play it at double size with sound, and the machine wasn't bogged down.

Oh, and check out COBOL. Script. Do the math. \=S


Found a long enough TV antenna cable, so I encoded the opening titles of Enemy of the State movie. Wonderful opening titles! Mirrors some paranoia about the THEM! =)

Oh yeah, new Pelit in mail. With it, a CD-ROM containing something called "Santageddon". According to (the site is in Finnish), looks like this is gonna become a war between Santa Claus and Se-Num, as represented in glorious 3D!

I think I'll participate. Today, I'll go for Half-Life; Tomorrow, Santageddon. =)


Cool. Looks like my Memepool submissions are getting through anyway. =) I'm now upon Win98, downloading half-life_1016_to_1100.exe.

<RANT>IE5's downloader sux0rz d00d! I mean, I opened to IE5, then went to game upgrade section, and said "save that to disk". Guess what? The download window doesn't say how many bytes it has copied, just how many minutes it estimates it will take. And when I closed the FTP window when about 6 megs out of 27 or so had been copied... poof! Guess what happened. Yes, it closed the download as well. And no, this isn't wget with the handy -c switch, this is IE5 with no obvious disconnection recovery whatsoever...</RANT>


"Let 'frags, frags, frags' be our motto!"

- paraphrasing Black Adder

Well, the game went nice, after about terabyte of downloaded files. eDome TFC servers were quiet. Counter-Strike bombed, probably because the servers use 6.x beta and I have 6.0 - and no 6.0->recent patches in sight, dammit! I'm not gonna download 57 megs, I'll rather buy some mag with a cover CD.


Well, I'll just paste my post to r.g.r.n here - it probably tells the end of the day pretty well:

From: (Weyfour WWWWolf (Urpo Lankinen))
Subject: YASD: A Really Lucky Game
Date: 10 Aug 2000 20:33:53 GMT
Organization: University of Oulu
User-Agent: slrn/ (UNIX)

  1      59137  WWWWolf-Bar-Hum-Mal-Neu starved to death in The
                Dungeons of Doom on level 11 [max 12].           104 [104]

DA-AAAMN! What a *horrible* way to go.

Considering this was about the *luckiest* game I've ever had. I mean,
I had AC -7 and 104 HP when I died. At one point I had a big bunch of
+2 armoury I had just *found*. And I got to wish for B+2GDSM. Had a
really really cool bunch of stuff (but no BoH).

This was the same game I mentioned ages ago, now I dared to continue =) 
I had problems with a throne room that had a troll, and asked how I
would get rid of it. Well, I went up to gain some levels. Got food
poisoning. Used some Good Cure Items. "Nothing happens." %&$#&!
#prayed. Okay, cured. Soon got hungry. Nothing to eat in sight. Then a
floating eye came from around the corner. Guess the rest.

And in the list of items, I had tins and rations in the
bag... Doh. Lesson learned: NEVER save your game for longer than
month, you start forgetting obvious things.

Well, better luck next game...

Other day logs o' mine...