The first album (well, to be more precise, a "solo album" under name) by Jukka Tarkiainen ( ISRC FI-JT7-01-00001-12

The album is pretty cool. The cover has an amazing modification of the Parential Advisory label that says it best: "This music is inspired by VIDEOGAMES and coin-op games". Refreshing to hear this sort of music after a weekend of MAME stuff...

Yep, all tracks on the album are prime examples of electronic music in its finest! All bleepy-bleepy stuff that instantly brings me memories from huge computer and video game hits - very NES-like at the points, some tracks remind me a bit of old Final Fantasys... The last bonus track was actually played with a Playstation!

The title track, also available from as a free download, is pretty amazing too... and the music video doubly so (all stuff mentioned here are available from <URL:>, in all-glorious evil Sorenson). The music video is about two white-suited green-helmeted humanoids - Asteroid Hopper and Ms. Hopper, whose ship crashes on Earth and Ms. Hopper is wounded. Mr. Hopper then goes to find some more of three vital liquids for Ms. Hopper from three "levels". Hilarious stuff. =)

I found out about the "band" when the Asteroid Hopper clip was shown on local cable channel - it was by accident. The next day, I bought the CD from local record shop. And all this just when I whined that I can't get video game soundtracks from any music store...

Track list:

  1. Asteroid Hopper
  2. Sand Hockey
  3. Joysticker
  4. Walker
  5. Monkey Labyrinth
  6. Red Dwarf
  7. RoboDog
  8. Adios Amiga!
  9. Sleeping Monster
  10. Salsa Kong
  11. Captain Pluto
  12. Happy Goat: Codename 2001 (Bonus)

"This is music for the arcade game generation. If you can nod in recognition when you listen to this music, this is for you. Like me, you shouldn't care what what normal people think about this music. It's not for them. It's for us. We know better."

- Bjorn Lynne