A wondrous Finnish invention.

Aromipesä ("Aroma nest") is basically a two-part bowl made of "heat-proof" plastic that can be closed completely. Usage is simple: Cook some food in pot for some time, put the pot inside the Aromipesä, and let the food simmer in its own heat. Also good for keeping food warm when moving from place to place.

Aromipesä is being sold in local infomercials by Ostoslinja. I have heard that while the product actually works, it's not the invention of the company; The company wanted to buy the thing from the inventor, but when the inventor refused, they made slightly different thing and started selling it. (No idea if there were patents involved, but sounds somewhat fishy to me...)

Aromipesä has become, for some weird reason, a source of continued, weird humor on Finnish web bulletin boards, television SMS chat shows and other places like that. I almost fell from the chair when I saw that someone had made an operator logo that had the thing...