"This may sound like complaining, but it isn't what I intended..."

Came to E2 after a smallish break of not that nice RL existence and noted that the entire Pokedex (excl. Charizard) was nuked. That included 21 writeups from me, or maybe I miscounted.

You know, most rational people who would know what I've gone through to create the writeups would probably expect me to cry for blood. I don't. And that's only because I don't cry blood for anything.

This is far as I go to recount the tale of apparent injustice: I go as far as it was possible for me to write entries from scratch, trying not to repeat the earlier stupid mistakes of earlier Pokedex noders; then the writeups got voted down for many different reasons (that may or may not have have anything to do with the content I've made), and ultimately got nuked.

This is how people do get rewarded for factual noding and trying their best. Fortunately, not in all cases. Most of the time I'm not noticed at all. That's far better. Sometimes I'm even liked. Whoa.

It is just better to get used to it. Our lives are nothing but pain from birth to death and we can expect nothing more than that. I have accepted that. Bad things happen. I cannot understand why most of the bad things happen, but they do.

I can understand why the whole Pokedex was removed - the cut-and-paste nature of most other writeups, as well as the contentlessness of some other comments, was an obvious reason. I usually don't want to whine, but I do ask anyway: Why me? I don't know why my writeups were removed. At least I tried to maintain some level of quality.

Was Pokedex as a concept good enough to be included in E2? In my opinion, yes. The current implementation wasn't nice enough, though.

*sigh* Well, I can't have everything. I've just been wasting my time, that's all. At least I tried.

The Management is apparently trying to resurrect my lost writeups. This is acceptable.

Anyway, this stupid daylog of mine reminded me of a movie quote...

"If science teaches us anything, it teaches us to accept our failures as well as our successes, with quiet dignity and grace..."

(and I hope nobody remembers how it continues =)

Okay, since we many of my writeups were in fact too horrible to audited, I'll rather repost them once I update them. We'll see. However, we need some document describing How To Node The Pokedex to avoid NFN.