For the last few day I've been working on some of my code. You can find details bout this from my Advogato diary.


My 1000th Writeup Just Somehow Walked Past.

As if that would matter, none of my stuff is probably actually worth anything. I'll never get to the Best Users list anyway... =(

Comment from Random M-noder To The Less-Than-M-noders: Somehow, I don't feel any special. Should I? I guess not.


Time to face the challenges of the day.


I re-enabled Microsoft Core Fonts in Mozilla and now E2 looks sort of schweet. =) Who knows, maybe even the Jukka theme would became remotely usable with these fonts. (Cool theme, sucky font choices.)


Wrote something as a reply to the K5 article, and when I was importing it to E2, a weird code idea came to my mind.

At least I'm inspired. =)

Other day logs o' mine...

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