to top
To cheat, or trick: also to insult: he thought to have topped upon me. Top; the signal among taylors for snuffing the candles: he who last pronounces that word, is obliged to get up and perform the operation.-- to be topped; to be hanged. The cove was topped for smashing queerscreens; he was hanged for uttering forged bank notes.
top diver
A lover of women. An old top diver; one who has loved old hat in his time.
top heavy
top lights
The eyes. Blast your top lights. See curse.
top ropes
To sway away on all top ropes; to live riotously or extravagantly.
top sail
He paid his debts at Portsmouth with the topsail; i.e. he went to sea and left them unpaid. SCT soldiers are said to pay off their scores with the drum; that is, by marching away..

The 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.