Well, today was my first real day back at my new high school. The one I transferred to last year, around the end of the 3rd quarter. I hadn't made a lot of friends last year, and I was more than just a bit apprehensive about going back. Nonetheless, I boldly charged in, fueled perhaps by the extremely good mood I've been in this past week (from the girl I had such fun in the park with, the one who is about to become my girlfriend.) There's something about nearly having a girlfriend that I really, really like. It's not like I'm becoming dependent on her for my happiness, but just knowing that she's there gives me such extra confidence, such an extra spring in my step, and such an extra big smile.

So I go back to school, fight the system a bit, and I'm extremely pleased with all my classes. 4 English classes, a Careers class, and PE. Lovely! Not only that, but people remember my name, there's lots of new faces (so I blend in even better,) and there's about 3 female friends I made last year, who seem to really, really like me. I'll have a girlfriend next time I see them, though, but it's always nice to have admirers! I should try to look at the bright side of things more often.

And perhaps it'd be unwise to talk about E2, but oh well. This place has made me very happy lately! It's so much fun to log in and see "You've Gained Experience!" And to have Cool Man Eddie tell me that my writeup just got cooled! Well, what can I say? These are happy times.