Today began fast and furious, but got vastly better at the end! I worked, then I came home and stayed on the computer most of the afternon and evening. Tomorrow I go back to school, and it's to a school I transferred to by choice last year. Now, I hate it. My beautiful cat, Pepper, has been looking a bit sickly today, and has been acting very unusual, though he seems to be doing better now. I feed him a piece of ham and spend some time petting him and scratching his chin. Truly, we never know which day may be our last one with an old friend.

At around 9:20 tonight, SHE signed in to MSN. The girl I had such fun with yesterday, who I'm really starting to like over the past few months. We talk a bit, and she asked what I did today. I said I just worked, and then drove around town for a while. She said she would have loved to do that with me! We talk some more, and I begin speaking about her in the third person, saying that I "got together with a really awesome girl on a totally spur of the moment thing last night, and we ended up making out and having fun in a park late at night, and I wondered if she really likes me, and if she thought it was something special." We go on in the third person for a while, talking about "this girl" that I was with last night, and she was telling me how this girl really liked me, but this girl was afraid to tell me because she was afraid that I didn't like her too. Speaking about each other in the third person (initially, anyhow) is a great, great, great way to get all these feelings out if you don't want to come out and say it directly. It's unique and fun! We talk some more, and pour out our feelings for each other. They're the same!! She says that she needs just a bit of time to get over her ex-boyfriend, but not a lot of time at all. I tell her to take all the time she needs. We're getting together again this Saturday, and we are going to have SO much fun!

And I will have a girlfriend. A fun, exciting, open-minded, sweet, sensitive, and caring girlfriend. I am happy beyond comprehension. =)