Today was an interesting day. It began, as usual, with my awakening. Then I had to get dressed and go to work, at the KFC/Taco Bell in the neighboring town, as usual. Some days are slow and simple, and some days are freakishly fast and furious. Today was fast and furious. They had me manning the Taco line, as usual, and nobody, but nobody, was expecting what was about to happen, especially on a Tuesday morning which was typically pretty slow. A huge lunch crowd rolled in at around 11:30... thankfully I had it all set up at that point. The angry mobs were after little but my delicious Taco Bell items today, ruthlessly ordering Combo #13 after Combo #13, Mexican Pizzas, Taco Salads, and Bean Burritos, to name a few. And then, around 1:30, it stopped, and things slowed to a crawl. Phew. I was able to get the line nice and restocked by the time I left at 4, and out the door I went.

Tonight turned out radically different than I expected. I'd met this amazing girl online, through SparkMatch, only a week before, and we'd been talking to each other off and on. Her name is Nikki. She's really nice, really sweet, and pretty cheerful. I like that. Conversation is becoming tough between us lately, though, and neither of us are really sure why. But we did meet once before, in a nearby mall, and it was a rotten evening. Foolishly, foolishly, I agreed to let her bring a friend along. She had even said that it didn't matter either way, it was all up to me... and STILL I let her bring a friend along. The friend turned out to be a bitchy, skanky, ultra-materialistic, shallow little piece of hell. She acted like I was non-existent the entire night, and created an extremely uncomfortable vibe between me and Nikki... her being sorry she'd brought this crazy bitch along, and me being bored and irritated, yet feeling bad about Nikki being so upset. That was then.

Tonight, I called her at the exact time she told me to, 4:30. Right after I got home from work. She told me "Hey, I'm busy, I'll call you back later, ok?" And of course, I agree. 3 hours pass. No call. I go out, drive around aimlessly for a bit, then come back. For some stupid reason, that always seems to change things. I return to the house and call her. Busy signal. Grrrrr! I log on to Trillian, and notice a friend of mine from a neighboring town happens to be online. And she's a fun one, too! We've talked much about various stuff, and she's one of the few people I know in this area that's completely cool with casual nudity. I've been trying to get together with her to have some fun one of these evenings, but so far my luck had been shitty. I go for it, though, and ask her is she wants to do something tonight. YES! Yes yes yes! She agrees to meet me immediately, at the Subway restaurant! Finally, something good happens! We meet at about 8 PM, and she has to be home by 10:30. No sweat! I arrive and see some friends of mine working there, but she isn't there yet. I order myself a turkey sandwich and sit down to enjoy it. She walks in the door, then, about 10 minutes later. She's not the best looking girl I've ever seen, but looks don't matter. I like what I see, anyhow... she appears to be very self-confident, and very fun. She sits down across from me, and I say "hey!" and I finish my sandwich. Conversation is minimal, except for me commenting on what's on the radio. At least I got her to chuckle a few times! Then, I say "shall we go?" and we head out to my car.

The time is now 8:30, and the sun has set completely. We drive around a while, and I point out that I have no intention of driving around all night. She agrees whole-heartedly, thank god. Some girls I had been with before couldn't stand doing anything BUT driving around! We get out on the highway, and I suggest that we go out to a nearby park, just outside of town. The beauty of this park at the time is that the main road to it is blocked by construction, and the only way to get there is to use back gravel roads. Therefore, the place will be very empty. Perfect for a fun date. Bear in mind that I've planned out none of this evening's events ahead of time, and I'm making everything up as I go! It's going good so far. We arrive at the park and start walking around, and we play on some of the playground equipment. We go up and down on the see-saw, and I swing on the swings like I'm a little kid again. It's fun. We walk around the lake, which takes a good 20 minutes. The only thing that's bothering me about the evening is how short on words she is. Is she nervous? Is she shy? Is she bored? We do talk some, and we have some good talk about school, and a bit of philosophy to boot.

Eventually, we arrive back where we began, and we sit down in one of those bench swings. The kind designed for young couples and old people. We talk some more about school, which is a subject I'm able to get a good deal of refreshing conversation out of. Needless silence makes me nervous. I put my arm up behind her and ever-so-gently touch her shoulder, resting my hand on it, and very carefully note her response while we talk. She seems to not mind a bit, she doesn't scoot away or anything, so I go right ahead and put my arm all the way around her, and start rubbing her opposite shoulder. I do this for a while, and she seems to like it, so I touch her wrist and she turns the palm of her hand upwards, which I gladly accept. I rub her hand with one hand, massaging it and playing with her fingers, and keep rubbing her shoulder. I move my head very close to hers, and I run my fingers through her hair. It's soft and feels great. We've both stopped talking altogether at this point... all our communication is being done through touch now. I like touch better anyhow, actions seem to speak louder and more clearly than words. I decide to take the deciding step at this point, my heart fluttering nervously. I brush her hair aside, rub her face, and I kiss her on the cheek. Some think that kissing on the cheek is stupid, or pointless, or displays weakness. I love it. The kiss on the cheek brings back all the great memories of silly childhood romances, and pure innocence. A gentle kiss on the cheek is rarely percieved as threatening, and is actually seen as being quite cute and charming. I'm convinced that most girls love it. It's also a signal that says I'm ready for more, are you? She turns her head towards me and puts her lips against mine, and starts sliding her moist tongue around in my mouth. It always takes a few seconds for the fact to sink in, that I'm actually making out with a girl. I don't just sit there like a statue, I put my arm around her and rub the back of her neck, run my fingers through her hair, rub her shoulders, anything that I think would make this feel even more special. She touches me back. She gently rubs my back and arms, and every touch feels like an angel's touch or something... I quiver with delight just thinking about it. We make out for what seemed like forever at the time, such was the feeling of bliss. I have a hold of her hand, and she slowly takes my hand and moves it down and holds it against her chest. I gently cup her right breast with my hand, and I get an electrifying sensation. My vision shifts with euphoria. I gently rub for a while, and fondle her nipple with my index finger. She lets out a small sigh of delight, and moves her tongue around even more vigorously in my mouth. "Why stop here?" I think, and I move my free hand down to the bottom of her shirt. I begin to pull her shirt up, very deliberately and carefully, giving her plenty of time to stop me if she doesn't want this to happen. She makes no attempt to stop me, and I pull the shirt all the way up to her shoulders, exposing her bra. I move both of my hands underneath it and rub her actual breasts, with a simple psmile of unadulterated bliss] on my face. I flip up the cups of her bra, exposing her bare breasts to me. God, they're beautiful. From what I can see in the near-darkness, lit only by distant flood lights, they are beautiful breasts to behold. I don't stare at them too long, though, like the hormone-crazed teenager that I just might be. I look back up at her, directly into her eyes, and I smile a great big, genuine smile. I kiss her on the forehead, and then I move my hands back to her bra clasp. Carefully, I unhook her bra (which isn't too hard, even though I've never done it before!) She raises her arms high above her head, and I slid her shirt and bra off, and toss them onto the ground. She's topless now, and is a beautiful sight to behold, even in this near-darkness. I kiss her gently, and then I move my face down to her lovely breasts. Gently, I kiss her right nipple, and begin to suck on it and ]run my tongue around[ the outside of it. She lets out a sigh of delight as I continue to lick her nipple and rub her back with my other hands, which is obviously all making her very happy. I decide to take my shirt off too, out of fairness since it was a rather chilly night. She helps me unbutton it when she sees what I'm doing. I get my shirt off and then I hug her really, really close. The feeling of having so much of my flesh touching so much of her flesh is a thrill beyond what simple words can describe. I kiss her some more, and suck her nipples a bit more. Then I stop doing that for a while, and I sit back up beside her, put my arm around her shoulder again, and ask how she's doing. She laughs and says she's doing great.

I like this girl.

But, we look at her watch and unfortunately, it's about 10:15 PM. I point out that we ought to be heading back, and she agrees. We get in my car and begin the drive back into town, to her house. She puts her shirt and bra back on, and although it was dark and everything, I could tell she was smiling. Unfortunately, the ride home was rather quiet, although what small conversation we did have seemed very relaxed, and I did make sure that she was cool with everything that had just happened, and that I didn't make her uncomfortable at all. I hope she wasn't lying. We got back to her house, and I said "See you later!" and patted her on the shoulder. She smiles and says "Yeah. Goodnight!"

I drove home, listening to groovy 80's music. I had an amazing floating feeling as I walked into the house.

I think it's gonna be really hard to get to sleep tonight!