My name is Void_Ptr, and I'm an E2 Editor. I would like to explain my editing strategy to you so that you will know what I'm about.

My goal is to make this database be worth something. My goal is to clean, cull and sculpt. My goal is to make this database fun for everyone, and above all USEFUL.

When I kill, I generally kill mercifully, unless you did something horrible and need to be punished.

On my own, I will kill:

  • useless crappily written writeups.
  • harmful writeups.
  • useless oneliners.
  • worthless GTKY nodes (this is more of a gray area, since some GTKY nodes do contain useful content, or have worth for some other reason).
  • Asamoths

    On request, I will kill:

  • Your write ups ;)

    On my own, I will edit:

  • spelling mistakes
  • glaring grammatical errors
    I may or may not message you about these.
    If a factual error is brought to my attention, I will message you about it. If you do not respond in a timely fashion, and the error is severe, I will nuke your node.

    I will try to help you:

  • If you ask.
  • If you really need it, regardless of whether you ask or not.

    I will nurture noders, new and old.

    I will not listen to bitching, but will try to address legitimate grievances.

    I am not infallible, but I have quite a bit of experience with this thing and likely know more about it than you do.

    I take this place seriously, and so should you, but remember, it's just a website.