Yesterday || Tomorrow

Part I. The Supermarket Kiosk

We went into the grocery store looking for food to take up to the cottage for camping. We bought bacon, eggs and other neccessities. As we went outside we saw a kiosk. We wandered inside, and the man there told us that we could take it if we wanted. It was a assemble yourself kiosk and it could get wet and wouldn't suffer any water damage. This one had just been returned and not dissasembled yet, so we could take it. We said ok.

Then we were driving in our new Kiosk down to where we were going. We were driving really fast, just whizzing by things along the edge of the mountains and the water, but a turn came up and we could see we weren't going to make it. I was sitting in the front seat of the Kiosk, and the driver/kiosk salesman, says Oh, Crap, and asks us if we have our seatbelts on. I didn't, so I crawled up to the front and braced myself against the bulkhead for the crash.

But it never came. We found ourselves floating in the water off the road in our Kiosk. The others thought, Oh No, we'll never get the Kiosk out of the water. But I said, sure, we can carry it out. So I picked up the Kiosk and set it down on the road. But the road was no longer navigable because it was all loosely packed sand. But I said we could carry it all the way out to the beach.

Part II. The Beach

We made it to the beach, which was very crowded with all kinds of people. Most of the were Mexican Immigrants. We swam for a while. Then we saw a very small red and white plane overhead flying pretty low. We all said Oh No! The plane is going to crash into the water. It flew lower and lower until finally it hit water right in front of this humongous wave which capsized it. Alot of people swam out to flip the plane back over and look for survivors. They were able to get it back right side up, and it proceeded to drift toward shore.

The people in the water near shore started getting a little nervous about the plane drifting towards them, and getting crushed and all, and guess what, I was the unlucky one who couldn't get out of the way. One of the wheels shoved me under the water, and I could feel it crushing me.

*** Identity Transfer ***

Then I came back up out of the water and dragged the plane the rest of the way onto land, onto the porch of some structure (a kiosk, perhaps). There I began to dissasemble it, and it folded up like a tent. I was able to pack it up into a nice 3 foot long, 1 foot wide roll.

I turned toward one of the immigrants and asked if there had been any survivors. He looked at me mournfully and said, only one. He pointed him out. At that moment, I heard some cheering because they had been able to salvage one of the flags from the water where the plane had crashed. They dragged it onto shore and trundled it toward the Embassy at the end of the beach. Several more flags were pulled up that day.

I walked down the beach to investigate, reseating my little silver gun on the back of my pants. I nestled up against the wall of the Embassy courtyard and watched people pass by as they put up the recovered flags.

*** Identity Transfer ***

I watched myself reseat my gun in my pants and thought, what is this? People aren't allowed to have guns in here. How did that person get in?

I ran upstairs trying not to trip over my robes to get away from any possible bloodshed.

Part III. The Embassy

There was a large procession of people, the one on the front carrying a baby. He brought it before the Ambassador. Who looked at the baby in distaste. I could tell he was going to have it disposed of.

I ran forward and said that I would take the baby. Please don't get rid of it. The Ambassador nodded, and the baby was given to me. I took it quickly and ran away.

For a while I carried the baby, feeding it from my own breast and looking for somewhere I could find clothes for it.

Finally, I came to a cloth store nestled under the stairwell in the embassy. I looked at the sign infront of the door, and it said 2 shekels for 3 cloths and 9 shekels for cloths, coat and other supplies that I couldn't identify. There was also a sign that said, do not take more than this: It showed a picture of a baby basket, and three cloths coming out of it.

So I went in and argued with the shop keeper because I wanted cloths, but I had no shekels. An Official in the embassy who was half painted to look white with a curly blonde wig, waved at the shop keeper and she agreed to let me have 2 shekels worth of supplies.

I ran around looking for what I needed. I placed the baby on a table near by and tried the cloths for softness against the baby's skin. Then I saw some little bags on pegs against the far back wall. I looked in the bags and saw that they contained letters, most of which were dated 1944 and 1943. I realised that this was the time I must have been in.

Then I saw a crate completely filled with paperbacks of all sorts. I was ecstatic. I picked out some science fiction novels to take with me. But when I came back out side with the things I had picked out, the baby was gone.

I ran upstairs to find my american soldier husband and tried to convince him to help me get my baby back. I knew he could do it. I looked at him and realised that he was Harrison Ford.

Then there were flashes of me in different alluring outfits, trying to seduce him into helping me. The last outfit was long and green and I had shaved my head and put glitter in it.

I saw my husband through the window talking with his superior about how he hadn't gotten a wink of sleep because his arab wife had been going on about some baby she had lost. His superior winked at him and said, well get on with your duties, there is an attack at 3 o'clock that we need to defend against.

Part IV. Battlefield

I ran outside after my husband still begging him to help me get my baby back. I was handed a rifle and told to stand behind a dune and fire at the enemy. I fired and I almost hit one of our own men, and he yelled at me, and I said I thought you were the enemy. He said, if the are facing you and coming toward you aggressively, they are the enemy.

Then these missles were fired at us from off shore and they came through the water and landed on the beach. One of the soldiers ran up and pulled a ring off the top of the missle and disarmed it. Everybody cheered.

Then another missle landed on the beach. This time they had a harder time getting to the ring, but they were able to pull it up and disarm the missle. But when the guy let go, it slipped back into position and rearmed the missle timer. The solder scrambled to pull it back up and yelled, We have a swollen ring here! He would have to stay on the missle and hold the ring up so that the bomb would not explode.

Then I woke up.

Yesterday || Tomorrow