Made my first day log ever.

Had two nasty system crashes, one involving an endless loop in fifo and the other one an i/o crash. Quite unfortunate.

Reinstalled image magick after the first crash killed my screenshot script.

Had a 5 minute spinyNorm sighting on #everything. Very exciting.

Avoided a body image/eating disorder argument with ophie. Have had two of the same in the past two days. Not my favorite passtime.

Learned that masukomi has a nice ass, except that according to her, it's too small.

Acquired a new user on my website ( He seems to be from the netherlands and really enjoys playing with my toys. He must have changed my background at least 10 times and flicked my lights on and off at least 20 times. I'm glad I can amuse people.

Day four of Stacker2. Only took one pill today. experienced some mild heart palpitation type of things. Lost one pound so far, I think. If I don't lose more by the end of the week, I'm going to stop taking it because if it doesn't work, there's no point.

today's nodes:
Eleventh Commandment
Seize the nuts