Hilda Garde, in Final Fantasy IX, is the series of airships created by Regent Cid Fabool, ruler of Lindblum. The airships are named after the regent's wife, Lady Hilda, who hijacked the original airship Hilda Garde 1 after finding Cid in an affair with another woman. She also transformed Cid into an oglop before leaving him. The Hilda Garde was then seized by Kuja for use in his evil plans. In the game, Kuja sends Zidane with three of his companions to Oeilvert on the Hilda Garde to retrieve the Gulug Stone, sending the twin jesters Zorn and Thorn to guard the airship.

Cid's next airship, the Hilda Garde 2, failed due to problems with the engine that were induced by Cid's reduced thinking capacity brought on by his state of mind as an oglop. When the heroes bring Hilda back to Lindblum, she agrees to restore him to a man once more, allowing him to complete the Hilda Garde 3 using parts from the previous airship, and from the Blue Narciss. This new airship is used by the heroes to eventually reach Terra via the Shimmering Island.

Finally, the Hilda Garde 3 is also used by Cid to aid the heroes in attempting to land at Memoria in the Invincible. From it, Cid gives orders to all airships in the Lindblum fleet to keep the silver dragons at bay.

There are cards for both the Hilda Garde 1 and Hilda Garde 3 airships within the Tetra Master card game. Both can be acquired from the Chocobo Hot and Cold mini-game, as well as from Daguerreo and a few other card players.