Sam and Fuzzy is a webcomic by Sam Logan. It mostly follows the lives of Sam and his little friend Fuzzy, unsurprisingly. But there are naturally other characters, so here is a big list of them.
  • Sam - Shares the role of main character with Fuzzy. Odd hair, tall, skinny, generally a nice guy. He worked as a taxi driver until an unfortunate incident involving the Ninja Mafia, and is now working at a bookstore to buy a new taxi so he can go back to his old job. He lives with Fuzzy.
  • Fuzzy - The other main character. Short, fuzzy, looks remarkably like a little teddy bear! He's a pretty bad person. He lives with Sam, and joined the Ninja Mafia to help Sam pay off the taxi.
  • Fridge - Sam's possessed fridge. More evil than Fuzzy, if such a thing is possible. However, the lack of any sort of way to move hinders him greatly. Fortunately, Fridge has overcome this obstacle by possessing a Ninja Mafia member. He hasn't been in the comic lately, but it is safe to assume he is off murdering lesser mortals.
  • Butcher - Sam's pet cat. Was thought to be a 'he' until she gave birth to several kittens and a dinosaur.
  • Lance - Sam's ex-coworker. He stands around, smokes, and drinks coffee. He doesn't show up much, which is probably why there's not much to say about him. It doesn't help that he works at the taxi company, which Sam no longer frequents.
  • Alexa - Sam's ex-girlfriend. She works at a bookstore, and was Sam's dream girl, for a while. He eventually worked up the nerve to ask her on a date, and things went perfectly. However, Fuzzy was generally horrible to her, so she told Sam to pick her or Fuzzy. Guess who he picked! She works at the bookstore and now gets along decently with Sam.
  • Andrea - Another one of Sam's current coworkers at the bookstore. Noosehead fan, gets along well with Fuzzy. Doesn't show up a whole lot.
  • Candice - Sam's current girlfriend. May or may not worship Satan. Was secretly admired by Rikk Estoban (read: sent thousands of ridiculously creepy gifts) until Fuzzy made him stop. Enjoys pool and shark wrestling.
  • Rikk Estoban - Infamous cartoonist and co-creator of Skull Panda. Is either completely insane or an artistic genius. Good friend of Fuzzy's, and is currently taking care of Chompy.
  • Carlyle - Heroic taxi driver of legend. He's pretty rare in the strip, and you're never shown his face. He is well known for his incredible taxi adventures and excellent advice.

The comic is hilarious, and very well drawn. It's really clever humor, and the story is definitely good enough to keep you hooked in. I highly recommend reading it; you will thank me later if you do.

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