Went upstairs to get something to drink. I've been thirsty all day.
It's raining. I didn't even hear it when I took off my headphones and got up. Strange.
I stood at the sliding glass door and looked outside and watched it. Watched the little droplets hit the pavement and burst into little waves, and watched it distort the air and houses in front of me. There was a lot of it. I thought for a second, would I rather be in here or out there?
I went downstairs and held my ear to the door for a little while. I wanted to listen. Pitter patter, pitter patter.

My sleep schedule during the summer is insane. Normally, school keeps me from doing stuff like this, but when I don't have to be somewhere every day, things get messed up. See, I sleep for 12+ hours and stay awake for around 16. You see the problem? A day holds 24 hours. My days hold at least 28. So I go around in a cycle. At first I'm waking up at noon, sleeping past midnight. Then I'm getting up at night, sleeping when it gets light. I missed a friend's birthday party because I fell asleep an hour before and couldn't be woken. I got up a half hour after it ended. I feel kind of bad about that.
Eventually everything is flipped around. I don't leave the house for days, I just stay here on the computer. Except can't get on from 12am to 8am, so instead I have to sit up in my room. So I sit around and play Disgaea, even though all I have to do now is make my character stronger. Eventually I come down here and get on the spare, horribly old computer and play Freecell until 8.

This is my life.

When I'm up during the day, I still normally get on the computer. For these two or three weeks of summer, I think I've been to a friend's house a total of twice. I believe I've been to the mall more times than that, which is a social experience as well, but in reality I should probably be getting more human contact.

Well, I don't know. I just wanted to write something. Maybe the rain inspired me, but the rain node is full and I didn't have enough to say about it anyways. So instead I gave insight into my life and now this is a daylog.

Hey, you know what's fun? Writing a node and only hardlinking to nodes that are in your bookmarks. Bonus points if you can make them somewhat relevant. Minus points if you bookmark stuff just to link it. Cheater.