This method is rather unforgiving, but if you can't gain easy access to the dog's butthole:

  1. If the dog's bitten you and won't let go, try punching it on its sensitive nose.
  2. Face the dog and jam a forearm into its mouth. This will hurt you, so be ready.
  3. Put your other arm on the back of the dog's neck and push down. Try to make like you're pulling that arm towards your chest. Raise your jawed arm sharply and this will break the dog's neck. This might not work on larger, big boned dogs. If that's the case, I'm not sure what to tell you, except that there's a reason I always keep one pocket full of Bacos.

Yes, step two might give you rabies or fun bite injuries. But if you're going to be dead and rabid by the end of the minute anyway, who cares?

Another option, besides the brown thumb and fatal spinal adjustment might be to carry any of the canine mace products available now, designed for joggers and postal workers. Subduing a dog with this stuff is easier, safer and far more humane then the above self-taught chiropracty or getting chomped while reaching for the dog's bum.