Some thoughts on all the Segway/it/Ginger noise extracted from several emails with a coworker.

....They are rechargeable, supposedly it costs $0.10 to charge it for some 10-15 mi of travel.

Rich squares and others are saying stuff like "it's bigger then the internet". wtf, it's a scooter! I'm all about cheap clean ways to travel lightly but come on, i can get a mountain bike for $200-. I can go down (or up some) stairs on a bike, use NO electricity, and it'd be a lot more fun on the weekends! All this thing will do is make clean, economical travel hip, since that concept is now something sleeker then everyone else's concepts. Besides anyone can own a bike, how marketable is that.

Rich wierdos and US-funded mailmen will ride them around sometime next year, they'll be featured in the next teeny-bopper movie, we'll watch avant garde TV commercials, etc. I'm keeping my XT-350, thanks. I did some quick math and it costs me $0.01 to go 10-15 miles, and I bet I was going a lot faster then 12 mph.

And I have heard that "revolutionize the world" stuff before too.

I think the Segway is to personal transportation what the ATX power supply is to PC's. It's a new way of achieving something boring that people have already been doing for ages, via bikes skateboards and scooters, just with a new perks and go-faster stripes. And, as far as ATX goes (and the Segway will go) a few new pains in the ass. You doubt me? Just wait until your stuck behind a flock of them at the mall or getting your toes crushed on a sidewalk. Or one of 'em rides in your blind spot at Wal-Mart and you mow him over. Surely some crazy will put a weed eater engine on the thing and create a new road hazard, earning the stares of hot chicks. Well, ok I guess that'd be kinda cool, at least until he hits a pothole at 30 mph, is critically injured and sues the city transportation department.