Two Words: Vroom Vroom

There's nothing better than a caffine rush in the morning.
I had a really good day yesterday, one of those lazy days where you do nothing say nothing, hell, I didn't even go outside until 6pm. It was great. I watched Heat, Wow, that's an amazing film, and at 9pm I discovered I had homework, two papers, and a 7 page Journal for Algebra 3-4. Oh shit.

I go to sleep at 11:47, tired as Huck (which is what I'm reading in English BTW) And I'm kept up all night due to a massive storm outside. I wake up several times. I remember seeing the red blinking 3:45am on my clock as I writhe yet again in my bed seeking sleep.

Monday mornings are always the worst. Every day I get up at 6am, which is hell if you're 15 years old. Breakfast is burnt, but what the hell, it's food. Or it was... - I fall asleep in the car as my mum kindly drives me to school and almost fall down the stairs as I enter the classroom. We took a test on the Network layer of the OSI model, I received 72%, which isn't bad for someone who is comatose. After a bus ride, I arrive at school, go to my locker and find my secret bounty. A Rockstar. If you haven't heard of Rockstar yet, you will. These things are 16fl/oz of pure energy. I pop the ring and smile at the "Not recommended for Children or those sensitive to caffine" sign.

Vroom Vroom