Through some major discussion with my friends I have discovered through huge amounts of research is:
1) Tell women "I'm celibate."
2) Know huge amounts of cutesy trivia about shows you watched as a kid (smurfs, carebears, sesame street, etc.), and be able to draw interesting sexual innuendo from them. For example: Smurfette was the only female smurf so she must have been a slut.
3) Get your hair dyed a cool color that makes you stand out in a sexy way. My hair is currently orange and God it sure seems to work. ;)
4) After much persistent nagging expose your true feelings in a personal and touching way.
5) Be self-confident and dress well, this just makes you look attractive. Have good posture and maintain at least a minimal level of hygeine.
6) Pray, supplicate to idols, offer sacrifices, whatever must be done, do it. Virgin sacrifices are looked upon favorably.