There is a far more impressive way to destroy a CD-R disc and possibly a microwave oven, which I have discovered, and, may I add, I am quite glad that my parents have not found out that I discovered it.

It was late one night when a CD-burning session produced a coaster. Out of sheer boredom, I cracked the disc in half. Due to the previous application of a CD Stomper label, this allowed the reflective layer of the CD to be neatly peeled off in one piece!

Never having been the even remotely sane type, I decided to see what would happen if I microwaved the resulting object. I placed it on a ceramic plate and put it in the oven, set the timer to five seconds, and let the poor thing have it.

Here are the results...

0-1.2 seconds: Nothing happened, as the filament in the magnetron tube was still in the process of warming up.
1.3 seconds: Blue flashes first visible on test subject.
1.4 seconds: "WOW, COOL!" ... Observer noted that blue flashes were much more intense and far more visible than those which occur while microwaving a normal CD.
1.5 seconds: Color of light produced changed from blue to orangish-white.
1.6 seconds: Observer says some choice swear words as test subject becomes a fiery torus of plasma!
1.7 seconds: Microwave oven emits really pathetic power-supply buzz. Timer makes equally pathetic "BEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" noise and goes blank.
1.8 seconds: Test subject bursts into flames. 1.9 seconds: Experiment is terminated, remains of test subject removed from microwave. 9" high flames are gleefully consuming it, producing an AWFUL smell. Flames extinguished using kitchen sink. 45 seconds: Removal of soot from microwave oven commences.

Oh, did I mention that you should NOT try this at home?