It's a real toss-up who's geographically closer to this event -- help im a rock or me. Sure, he's actually in state, but I'm no more than 100 miles from the site. So to all you people who are driving or flying many hundreds of miles, I have one thing to say: in the great words of Nelson Muntz,


Actually, I do feel your pain to some extent -- I'll be moving back from Richmond to Blacksburg Friday morning/afternoon, and then getting back on the road once I've mostly emptied out the Nifty Green Truck (which, at 80,000 miles as of yesterday, is significantly older than when a high school friend first named it such). But, seeing as I do have a home closer by than most, I'm willing to do small amounts of last-minute supply shopping en route -- call my cell, 540/DELETED (If you really want my number, /msg vth), as I'm unlikely to check my e-mail between departure from work on Thursday at 1700 EDT and arrival at the cabin about 26-28 hours later. (Insert grumbling about my new box's defective motherboard here, which will itself be en route back to Ohio for replacement at the time.)*

I will bring:

impishlaugh: it's too bad you can't attend, because as a Virginia Tech student, I am an acknowledged expert on the Hokie Pokie.

See y'all Friday.

Update 16 August 2001: antietam lives! It turns out all I needed to do was push the video card really hard into the AGP slot. Now the last test it must pass, as a 1.2/266 Athlon Thunderbird, is burn-in... of course, a reputable company would do that before they sent their stuff out... but I digress. Now back to your regularly scheduled gathering node.