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53,662-seat home of the [Virginia Tech] [Hokie]s [football] team, in [Blacksburg], [Virginia] on the [Virginia Tech] campus. <[PEDANTRY]>[Worsham Field], at the center of the stadium, is where the games are actually played; Lane is where the fans watch.</PEDANTRY>

If Lane appears lopsided when you look at it from a distance, that's because it is. The [west] stands are at their original height. However, roughly half-again the amount of rows were added to the top of the [east] stands in the 1980s under [Bill Dooley] -- the second level of tunnels and up are all from this phase of construction.

The [north] [end zone] stands were constructed over the 2000 off-season, and are basically heavy-duty metal [bleachers], with winged extensions that almost reach the sides of the sideline stand structures. A [Jumbotron] stands above the north bleachers. The [south] end zone stands were torn down over the 2001 off-season (temporarily reducing capacity from the 56,272 seats available in 2000). A double-decked structure with about 12,000 seats, nearly the height of the east stands, is under construction behind the south end zone and scheduled for completion before the 2002 season. A complete reconstruction of the [press box] atop the west stands will take place over the 2003 off-season, adding another 1100 seats, to bring total capacity to about 66,000.