I stayed in Richmond two days too long. Never mind that I had to finish up my projects at work and make a couple of changes to production systems at 0730 EST (necessitating me waking up at 0615 to leave home at 0645 -- damn commutes from parents' house), or that that two days' pay will take care of my rent for one month. The manager across the aisle from my cube has been sick all week, my family has been progressively getting sick for the past week and a half, and now I'm sick. No rest for the weary, though; in order to get my mail and pay bills on time, I have to get back to Blacksburg by the time the post office closes at 1230, meaning that if I allow time to drive thru and get breakfast at the Stuarts Draft McDonalds off Interstate 64, I can leave at 0830 at the absolute latest (3.5 hour drive, and something screwy almost always happens to stretch it out longer than that). So it's another 0615 wake-up call tomorrow. Classes start Monday.

"I've had enough now, I wanna go home."