The Mormon building in Blacksburg, Virginia (I believe it's called an "Institute of Religion" or something similar; it looks like an average neighborhood house) is located across Washington Street from two dorms on the Virginia Tech campus. I used to live in one of these dorms, Barringer Hall, which actually cornered on Washington and Kent Street, both of which form a border of campus at that point.

My window faced out onto Kent Street, and every so often during good weather, I'd look out and see two Mormon missionaries, just pacing up and down Kent and occasionally up Washington, always staying on the sidewalk, and turning around as soon as the other side of the street became part of the Tech campus. After puzzling over this for a little while, I figured it out. They weren't allowed to come on campus, because that would be a violation of VT's anti-soliciting policies (or close to a violation -- I wouldn't expect them to file a lawsuit against VT over that policy on freedom of religion grounds, that would likely be counterproductive, and they don't seem like that kind of people anyway). But the sidewalk by the street wasn't technically campus, so they could walk up and down it all they wanted.

It was kinda depressing watching them just do this for a while, as students did their damnedest to avoid them on their way whereever the students were going. And then I went out and did the same thing myself, on my way over to the Wesley Foundation. It was one of those times that made me analyze my own behavior and personality.