Non Player Character (NPC) from the Traveller role playing game.

Born in 1048 Imperial, son and legal heir of the Emperor of the Third Imperium, he ascended to the Iridium Throne in 1071. He always strove to better the Imperium, carefully trying to enact reforms without disturbing the structures of the Imperium. For example, he reestablished the Archduchies to allow more regional control and diversity for the citizens, believing that government was better on a more local level.

MegaTraveller storyline:

This proved to be his downfall, when Archduke Dulinor of the Domain of Illiesh, a reformist whom he himself appointed, tried to assassinate him and succeed to the throne by Right of Assassination. Dulinor did not kill Strephon though, but only a clone used to represent the Emperor, when he was away on urgent business. He did however manage to kill Strephons wife as well as his daughter.

Upon receiving the news, Strephon was brought to Usdiki to establish his power base. But the announcement of his survival came to late to prevent a fractioning of the Imperium and the Civil War, which became known as the Rebellion. Attacked both by Dulinor as well as his nephew Lucan, Strephon never manages to expand his stronghold. Finally, he sends his cloned offspring and legal heir to the Iridium throne Avery to the Domain of Deneb, and then sabotages his own claim to the throne by refusing to allow IRIS to validate his claim in order to prevent further bloodshed in his name.

Strephon is portreyed as an intelligent ruler who deeply cares about his subjects, but can not change the flow of events to that effect. A tragic figure indeed. His death is not documented in Traveller canon.

GURPS Traveller storyline:

In this storyline, the assassination did not take place as Dulinors shuttle mysteriously crashed and burned upon arrival on Capital, Core. Strephon is still alive and well in this alternate universe.