Big breasted girls go to the beach and take their tops off...

It has been ten years since the Great Tomato War, tomatoes have been outlawed, but are being smuggled into America by ruthless individuals. Meanwhile, Misanthropic Dr. Mortimer Gangreen (played by John Astin) has perfected a way of using tomatoes to create an army of Supermen (Rambo-type) to take over the world.

Tara: They are gardeners and carpenters, they are not tomato men.

He also created lovely Tara (Karen Mistal), who is one hot tomato, programmed to do his bidding, who falls in love with Chad Finletter (Anthony Starke), nephew of Tomato War hero Wilbur Finletter (Rock Peace).

Tara: I can cook 850 international dishes, perform 637 sexual acts and use all the popular home appliances.

Tara escapes with the failed experiment Fuzzy Tomato (FT), an utterly cute, cuddly, and fearless Merchandising Machine, appearing unexpectedly at Chad's place. Enter George Clooney, before he was famous: Chad's roommate, Matt Stevens, soon notices that Tara is somehow weird...maybe it's the plant food she consumes daily, or perhaps her predilection for turning into a tomato at the strangest times. But Chad remains totally oblivious.

When Tara is kidnapped by Gangreen's henchman Igor (Steve Lundquist), a wanna-be TV announcer riding a dump truck, Chad and Matt decide to rescue her. Unfortunately, just at this point, the low-budget movie runs out of funds. We see a shot of the director and the staff arguing about this,when Matt suggests using product placement to fill the finacial holes in the budget. And so the next few scenes of the film the film are filled with shameless product plugs, such as a new Pepsi labcoat for Gangreen, a scene in a shop which serves no purpose other than plugging various products, and a race scene used to plug their vehicles. Note that all of these are excisting products, so the placement is real. But the way it is doe is just hilarious.

As pr clichee, Chad and Matt enter the secret lair of Gangreen, are captured, and threatened tobe turned into tomatoes (Yup, the process works both ways) Just seconds away from a fate worse than ketchup, they are rescued by Wilbur, and set out to stop Gangreens villainous plot, after which we get to return to the other feature, Big breasted girls go to the beach and teake their tops off, or do we???.

This movie is so much better than the predecessor. The humor is quirky, but in good taste (if you exclude the various pizza toppings that replaced tomatoes). There are countless parodies of other movies (the Spock death scene comes to mind). It is funny, silly, mindless. In a word: Rent it!