A german science fiction pulp series which has enjoyed worldwide success in countless translation over the years. There have been Spanish, Brazilian, British and American editions, as well as Dutch, Japanese and French editions which are still going strong.

The original german series is still being published by Pabel Moewig, having recently reached issue 2100. An issue is an A5 pulp magazine of about 70 pages. Aditionally, there has been a spin-off series, Atlan, which got up to 850 issues, paperpack novels set in the Perry Rhodan universe, and an edited hardcover edition which reached volume 60 a short while ago.

Originally started by authors K.H.Scheer and Clark Darlton in 1961, as many as 24 autors have contributed to the series over he years.

There has been a movie on the series, "Perry Rhodan: SOS im Weltraum", which turned out as a hatchet-job and is generally a subject of ridicule among fans. If you know the series, check it out, it contains quite a few good unintended laughs.

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