Japanese Anime by Mamoru Oshii, dealing with a favorite subject of his: The alternate history post-WW II Japan, where Germany, not the USA invaded and subjugated Japan. Leading to a few interesting changes in "modern" japanese culture.

This is a topic Oshii has frequently taken up, for example in his manga Hellhounds: Panzer Cops or his live action movies Kurenai Megane and Kerberos. The stories always focus on members of the elite police force, the Panzer Cops or Wolf Brigade, a dark and heavily armed task force with uniforms based on german military uniforms. The stories are usually adaptations of the fairytale Red Riding Hood in it's original form, where the wolf eats the girl, and usually, the movies follow analogue lines.

This movie is the latest in the series, although the story is not related to the other movies and manga, other than that it uses the same background. The anime manages to capture the dark nature of the scenario and atmosphere of the background very well, and I would recommend that you go see it while it's still in theatres, or go buy the DVD that is due to be out soon.

In this movie, Fuse, member of the Wolf Brigade, fails to shoot a young girl who is carrying a bomb during a riot control mission in a local sewer. The girl then kills herself with a satchel charge, endangering the squad. Because of his failure, his loyalty is questioned and he is sent back to the academy for training and psychological evaluation. Meanwhile, other forces in the government, who want to see the Kerberos Corps destroyed, plot to use him as an unwitting pawn to that effort. And then he meets a girl that looks just like the girl from the sewers, and who claims to be her sister...