Another random period of the earth rounding the sun starting at a random day in the past has been completed. What is the significance? Why do we see it as special? Any other day would be just as well, so why not set New Year's Eve in June?

People may need a period of celebration, where they can feel like shedding old habits and sorrows, and celebrating a new beginning together, but then why set it so close to christmas, another randomly set celebration date? Spreading out the holidays would make a lot of sense.

What does the circumvention of the sun on spaceship earth really signify? Nothing, not on a galactic or universal scale. And still the whole earth makes it a big feast, as if there were a significance other than ease timekeeping. And I do to.

But not because I feel it is a special time, just because it provides a good excuse to get together with old friends, party and have a good time. But nothing more. I am today the same man I was yesterday.