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mission drive within everything
To have something to do.
Everything. Nothing.
"Dont do aything I wouldnt do."
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I am what I think myself to be. I am everything yet nothing at all. I was there once, you saw me, but you will never recognize my face. I influence without being heard and I lead without any followers. I save a lot, actually I save everything, yet I can always store more. I talk to everyone I see without actually exchanging words everytime. Everything can be seen in numbers, the whole equation of life and I can tell you the answer, but not until the right time. I hate governement, well some, yet I love politics. I can never be a lawyer for I dont lie enough. I can heal yet choose not to for all the trouble it can cause. I am a master at everything, yet I still can be labeled an adept. I have done most things, but there is still much more to do. If you want to open a mind, yours or mines, hopefully you see me next time I pass by. Peace.