A manuever used by rally drivers such as Colin Mcrae.

To perform the Scandinavian flick, you need:

  1. A front wheel drive automobile. (preferably travelling on a loose surface such as gravel or snow.
  2. Open Space.
  3. Trust that you will not wreck your car.

Now we are assuming that your automobile is travelling around 30 miles an hour, and you come upon a 90 degree sweeping left turn in the road. Your options to take this turn quickly are: bootlegger turn, or Scandinavain flick. Today we will try the scandinavian flick.

Regulate your speed to exactly 30 miles per hour, with your car in the middle of the road.

As the road starts to turn, push the brakes hard and turn the wheel to the right. Yes, right.

Now that the vehicle is pitching forward, and veering to the right, lift off the brakes and steer hard to the left. The vehicles rear wheels should be unloaded by the braking, and with the left turn input should start to slide. DON'T PANIC

Smooth is of the essence here. Counter steer(into the turn), and apply the throttle. If done right, it should look like a bootlegger turn, but will be accomplished without utulizing the handbrake.

I assume no responsibility for any damages you may incur to your vehicle if you try this.

In fact, don't even try it. You'll crash.