A Quake III Arena modification based on the Dragonball Z anime series, which has now been foxed by FUNimation into removing all DBZ related material.

beta screen shots and other information on their official web site revealed a mod based on different characters with unique attacks, said attacks being activated by raising power levels.

Unfortunately, FUNimation, the company that licensed DBZ from Toei for American release, sent a cease and desist order to the BFP team in December 2000. At first, FUNi seemed receptive to letting the mod be released, through Infogrames, the company FUNi licensed the DBZ game rights to. But Infogrames wanted the game to be released using the Wild Tangent engine, so it could be played on the official DBZ web site.

This was, of course, impossible, since the mod utilized key parts of the Quake III engine which would be exceedingly difficult to port to a Java-based web game engine.

After talks with Infogrames failed, the team made another request for release. FUNi reacted with another cease-and-desist in August 2001. This led to the removal of the DBZ material from the mod. Blame has not been assigned. It may be that Toei forced FUNi into doing this, it may be that this is just a case of overzealous lawyers. In any case, BFP will still be released, just without any references to DBZ within it.

this information was paraphrased from bits of the news and about at the official Bid For Power website: http://www.bidforpower.com