Return to Final Doom (thing)

As the title would suggest, this package contains the final official release for the PC game [Doom]. In one sense, it's not really a new game at all; there are no new monsters or weapons added on top of those from [Doom II]. In another sense, it's two new games in one box: it has 64 levels in two distinct episodes, twice the size of [Doom 2|Doom II]. And oh what levels they are.

None of the new levels were actually made by [id software]; they were produced by the well-known mapmaking collective [Team TNT]. These are some of the most respected mappers in the [Doom] community, and for good cause. It could be argued that their levels are better than even [id]'s.

The first episode is called [TNT:Evilution]. The difficulty in this map set is like vanilla [Doom II]'s, in that it starts out fairly easy and then ramps up later in the game. If you beat the original, you can probably handle this.

The second episode is [The Plutonia Experiment], and it is hard as hell. If you can master this bunch on [Ultra-Violence], I'd like to shake your hand; you'd almost certainly be able to qualify for a [Doom Honorific Title]. This entire 32 level act was created by two members of [Team TNT]: [Dario Casali] and [Milo Casali].

Both episodes feature new graphics and music from the [Team TNT] wizards. If you enjoyed [Doom II] (and really, if you didn't, your existence probably isn't justifiable), this package is definitely worth picking up. Very good stuff.

Oh, and have fun figuring out the pillar maze on [Evilution]'s map30. it's [color coded]...

Map List


  • Map01: [System Control]
  • Map02: [Human BBQ]
  • Map03: [Power Control]
  • Map04: [Wormhole]
  • Map05: [Hanger]
  • Map06: [Open Season]
  • Map07: [Prison]
  • Map08: [Metal]
  • Map09: [Stronghold]
  • Map10: [Redemption]
  • Map11: [Storage Facility]
  • Map12: [Crater]
  • Map13: [Nukage Processing]
  • Map14: [Steel Works]
  • Map15: [Dead Zone]
  • Map16: [Deepest Reaches]
  • Map17: [Processing Area]
  • Map18: [Mill]
  • Map19: [Shipping/Respawning]
  • Map20: [Central Processing]
  • Map21: [Administration Center]
  • Map22: [Habitat]
  • Map23: [Lunar Mining Project]
  • Map24: [Quarry]
  • Map25: [Baron's Den]
  • Map26: [Ballistyx]
  • Map27: [Mount Pain]
  • Map28: [Heck]
  • Map29: [River Styx]
  • Map30: [Last Call]
  • Map31: [Pharoah]
  • Map32: [Caribbean]

[The Plutonia Experiment]
  • Map01: [Congo]
  • Map02: [Well of Souls]
  • Map03: [Aztec]
  • Map04: [Caged]
  • Map05: [Ghost Town]
  • Map06: [Baron's Lair]
  • Map07: [Caughtyard]
  • Map08: [Realm]
  • Map09: [Abattoire]
  • Map10: [Onslaught]
  • Map11: [Hunted]
  • Map12: [Speed]
  • Map13: [The Crypt]
  • Map14: [Genesis]
  • Map15: [The Twilight]
  • Map16: [The Omen]
  • Map17: [Compound]
  • Map18: [Neurosphere]
  • Map19: [NME]
  • Map20: [The Death Domain]
  • Map21: [Slayer]
  • Map22: [Impossible Mission]
  • Map23: [Tombstone]
  • Map24: [The Final Frontier]
  • Map25: [The Temple of Darkness]
  • Map26: [Bunker]
  • Map27: [Anti-Christ]
  • Map28: [The Sewers]
  • Map29: [Odyssey of Noises]
  • Map30: [The Gateway of Hell]
  • Map31: [Cyberden]
  • Map32: [Go 2 It]