Another interesting side effect of taking Zoloft is that it "may cause some irritability in some patients."

This is something I and my housemates found out. At about eight hours after taking my daily dose, I was prone to attacks of rage that I could barely keep from aiming straight at the people I cared about. (Breaking cheap glassware was the best method I had for dealing with the anger.)

I thought it was just an aspect of the depression, though and declined to deal with it (by switching medications) until about a year later. It was my first antidepressant.

Why did I put up with all the nasty side effects? Well, it's because taking Zoloft had two main benefits: it made me feel better emotionally and it killed my normally overactive appetite. I was told the antidepressant would kick in after about two weeks, and the effect hit me two days after I began the regimen. I just didn't want to risk switching to something that might not work for me as well as this proven one had.