Track Listing

1. La Femme D'Argent
2. Sexy Boy
3. All I Need
4. Kelly, Watch The Stars
5. Talisman
6. Remember
7. You Make It Easy
8. Ce Matin La
9. New Star In The Sky (chanson pour Solal)
10. Le Voyage De Penelope

The first full length album released by Air. Guest vocals on "All I Need" and "You Make It Easy" by Beth Hirsch.

"Sexy Boy" was the first single, and is still considered Air's greatest hit. On the single disc was included remixes by Beck Hansen, Cassius, and Etienne de Crecy & The Flower Pistols.
The second single was "Kelly Watch the Stars," whose disc included not only two versions of "Kelly Watch the Stars" but both the radio edit and Beck Hansen remix of "Sexy Boy," attesting to wild popularity of "Sexy Boy."