His name gets people on both sides up in arms, but this doesn't really need to be the case. He isn't nearly as dumb or as fat or as intolerant as many who hate him claim. On the other hand, he is very egotistical, and he's nowhere near as intelligent as some other conservative pundits such as Bill Kristol, George Will, and Tony Snow. Too often, his followers blindly agree with whatever he says. Then again, if conservative politicians listened to his advice more often, they'd win more elections, because he understands the public a lot more than they do. I listen to his show when I'm at work in the summer; I agree with what he's saying 50-60% of the time. I actually like it when we disagree; i don't mind hearing viewpoints that differ from my own as long as they are intelligently presented, and Rush usually does that.

Sometimes he tries to make a big story out of something that is really nothing, but the main purpose of the show is entertainment, and his show is quite entertaining if you care about politics at all. He does deserve credit for revolutionizing politics on the radio. My advice to conservatives is not to blindly believe whatever Rush says. My advice to liberals is to stop treating him like the Anti-Christ; he's really not that bad.

Howard in the morning and Rush in the afternoon makes for a good day of radio listening.