The Japanese version of Psyence Fiction conatains an amazing hidden intro that can only be found by rewinding the first track into the "zeroth" track. This tune, which is presumed to be named "Intro (Optional)" as opposed to the "Mandatory" Outro, is entirely composed of samples, mostly from hit singles. The samples seem to go backward in time, and the quality of the tracks sampled is simply amazing -- many of these are among my favorite songs. It's like a history of famous samples and samplers. One listen to this two and a half minute tribute to great music reminds me of the immense joy and wisdom pop music has brought me in my life. Jesus, just looking at the titles makes me shiver:

Solesides - "Blue Flames" 
Air - "All I Need"
Invisibl Skratch Piklz Vs. Da Klamz Uv Deth
Timbaland and Magoo - "Clock Strikes (Remix)"
The Chemical Brothers - "Electrobank"
Jurassic 5 - "Jayou"
The Verve - "History"
Radiohead - "Just"
Oasis - "Wonderwall"
Portishead - "Numb"
Peshay - "The Nocturnal (Back on the Firm)"
DJ Krush - "Kemuri"
Björk - "Human Behaviour"
Innerzone Orchestra - "Bug In The Bassbin"
Nirvana - "Come As You Are"
808 State - "Pacific State"
Orbital - "Chime"
Young Disciples - "Apparently Nothin"
Gang Starr - "Just To Get A Rep"
Ice Cube - "Get Off My Dick And Tell Yo Bitch To Come Here (Remix)"
Massive Attack - "Unfinished Sympathy"
Soul II Soul - "Keep on Moving"
Main Source - "Looking At The Front Door"
De La Soul - "Magic Number"
The Stone Roses - "I Wanna Be Adored"
Ultramagnetic MC's - "Give The Drummer Some"
M/A/R/R/S - "Pump Up The Volume"
Public Enemy - "Public Enemy No. 1"
Depeche Mode - "Stripped"
Major Force West - "Kiss FM Radio Promo"
Beastie Boys - "The New Style"
Metallica - "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"
Eric B & Rakim - "Eric B Is President"
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - "The Last Voice"
Art Of Noise - "Beat Box (Diversion One)"
Run-D.M.C. - "30 Days"
New Order - "Blue Monday"
Afrika Bambaata - "Planet Rock"
Malcolm McLaren & The World's Famous Supreme Team - "Buffalo Gals"
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - "The Message"
Kraftwerk - "It's More Fun To Compute"
Zapp - "More Bounce To The Ounce"
John Oswald - "Plunderphonics"
Juice - "Catch A Groove"
Herbie Hancock - "Chameleon"
Sun Ra - "Space Is The Place"
Terry Callier - "Dancing Girl"
Silver Apples - "Lovefingers"
Incredible Bongo Band - "Apache"
The Doors - "The End"
Meters - "Cissy Strut"
Beatles - "Tomorrow Never Knows"
David Axelrod - "Holy Thursday"
The Velvet Underground - "Venus In Furs"
Jimi Hendrix - "Happy Birthday"
Nina Simone - "A New Dawn"