Though I am not a Christian (or a member of any organized religion, for that matter), I feel that prayer should be allowed in public schools, provided it's led by students and not forced on anyone. I fail to see why ideas such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion do not extend to our public learning institutions. If a group of Christian kids gets together on the schoolyard to pray before class, how is this violating the separation of church and state, which is an idea about tax money going to religious groups? Is it because non-Christians might feel awkward? How do you think I felt when everyone else in my class would play wallball, or some other schoolyard game I despised? Should we outlaw everything that every student doesn't want to participate in?

Why is is that one is allowed to express one's political and social opinions in class, but not allowed to discuss their system of religious beliefs? I don't know about you, but I think our children should learn to be tolerant and understanding of all religions, and I think it would be wonderful if students could discuss their beliefs openly and not be put-off by the beliefs of others. What's the threat in letting children of all religions celebrate their faith at school?

I see by the voting that many of you are missing my exact sentiments here: I agree with most of what's below. No one should be forced to pray, students should pray on their own, not led by the school, and members of any religion should be able to pray to any god, including Satan, Zeus, and Cthulu. Also, I was responding more to the ideas expressed in the first write-up than the reality of the situation; I know the type of prayer I describe is not illegal. lillianvalencia, however, seems to want to go one step further... "If you want to pray in school, either go to a private catholic school, or do it in your head."