I just love those nodes which sarcastically argue a point! It's so original and inspiring the way they make the logic of the opposing view look dumb! Plus, they're really funny, too! Like, maybe someone would write a node "Racism is good" and pretend to write with a kinda Southern drawl! That'd be really funny cause it would make racist people look stupid, like Southern people! Or maybe someone could pretend to be writing a node from the point of view of Dan Quayle, and put extra "e"'s on words! That'd be hilarious! I especially like the ones that stereotype and link the ridiculed group to entirely unrelated vices! For example, I could write-up Why Creationism is good and then give all like stupid logic and then, at the end, be like, "Sorry, I gotta go screw my sister now!" That would be so funny, and it would make any Creationists reading it instantly realize the folly of their opinions and convert to my side!

Maybe if you write one that's extra-funny, you should put a little disclaimer at the bottom, so people can tell you're kidding! After all, not everyone can comprehend this kind of intellectual humor!