Roger Waters: Rickenbacker bass, lead vocals on chorus
Dave Gilmour: lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar
Nick Mason: drums
Rick Wright: lead vocals, piano

Written by Roger Waters.

"Julia Dream" was the B-side of the "It Would Be So Nice" single. It was recorded on February 13, 1968 and released on April 12 of that year. "Julia Dream" is notably the first Pink Floyd track to be recorded without any involvement from Syd Barrett, as well as the first PF track to feature Dave Gilmour's voice. At this point in his career, Waters wasn't a brilliant lyricist, and these lyrics largely copy the style of Rupert Brooke (although I wouldn't be surprised if George Orwell was an influence as well, judging by the title). In my opinion, the pastoral pessimism of the lyric contrasts sharply with the childish, optimist-on-the-surface lunacy of Barrett.