Well, in my own opinion, definitely no. And I will now present my reasoning.

The colonies of America have always been occupied by Britain since the 1600's.

When the Americans were defeated by the British in New England and New York in the mid-1770s, the Americans stole all the ammo and money they could and fled to Philadelphia.

Now the British were just about to chase after them because of all the atrocities the rebels committed to the Loyalists in the 1770's, when thousands of British sympathizers were robbed and tortured. But in came France. They felt obliged to protect the colonies, even though they were extremely corrupt and had a wide trail of human rights abuses.

So under the comfortable umbrella of French protection, the Americans felt safe enough to abuse their rather fragile position. Lucky for them Britain sank into a period of insanity in the 1780's.

You see, if France decided at any time to withdraw their protection and acknowledge the British government as the true power in America, the Americans would have been bayoneted into the next century and America rightfully become part of Britain again. But due to the French protection, America laughed and talked about declaring independence.

Now, why do I believe Taiwan doesn't belong to China? Because most people there don't want to be part of China. (See their last election?)

Yes, China couldn't keep Taiwan because of the US. But Britain couldn't keep America because of France. Sometimes rebellions succeed; sometimes they fail (Civil War). When they fail, they fail. If they succeed because of outside forces, that's just tough shit for the old ruler, eh? The powerful side wins wars, like it or not, and it's America's policy to back democracies and not communism. Sorry.

Response to DMan: The corrupt Nationalists were the people in power originally, the (also corrupt, funny you never mention that) communists were the rebels. "Stealing" a piece of land, however, is quite rebellious against the newgovernment, eh? Surely at this point in time, after 50 years of control, the mainland China government is no longer a "rebel faction", whereas the offshore "rebel province" is. Sure it's a diferent situation than America, but it's the same idea. When people don't want to be ruled by their government, and have the power to stop that rule, why shouldn't they exercise it?

Besides, was it really "stealing" the land, or just retaining their power there?

Response(*sigh* again):As for the fact that the election results would be different if the US protection weren't there, do you really think that voting out of fear is how democracy should work? The US protection gave them the ability to vote how they wanted to.

Your entire argument really boils down to:
"Taiwan is too cocky anyways. Never liked them."