Nickname for Delaware.

And one which they aren't afraid to advertise to people such as myself who live within ten minutes of their border. You see, I live in Pennsylvania, "Home of 6% Sales Tax!" This makes The First State a rather appealing travel destination when it comes time to make large purchases.

As far as I know, Delaware's lack of sales tax is made possible by both DuPont money and the fact that the state taxes the hell out of the people who actually live there.

Sadly enough, the shopping appears to be the most intriguing aspect of this diminutive state. When the signs that welcome motorists to a state consist of only the state's name and a sales pitch about low taxes... well, doesn't that seem a little desperate, guys?

Thanks for the correction. I know all kinds of businesses are officially incorporated in Delaware, many of which don't even operate within the state. Why aren't other states are trying to run the same scam?