Nonchalantly tossed down the memory hole:
  • stf by blee and kalten:

    "Lunacy! HOORAAAAAAAAY!" and "Gurple.", respectively.

    --This is either an unfunny inside joke or pure drivel. I'm not a fan of either.

  • Gurple by kalten and vorlon:

    --If you kids are going to node nonsense, at least do it well.

  • Lunacy by kalten:

    "See STF. Sanity killed my pony."

    --All of kalten's writeups are now destroyed. I suggest we have a party.

  • baby elephant by blee and andrew:

    "Awwwwwwwwww :) CUTE! :)" and "Cute? Being shackled, beaten, starved, and murdered is severly lacking in cuteness."

    --I'm writing to my representavtive in the House. Convicted felons should not have Internet access behind bars.

  • jms

    by blee: "See J. Michael Straczynski."

    by ars: "The initials of J. Michael Straczynski." (So I've heard...)

    by urbanmisift: (empty w/u). Urban is an active noder, so I've /msg'ed him (out of the kindness of my heart), telling him to get it nuked. Failure to do so by Monday will result in the swift annihilation of the offending non-writeup.

  • combobulated by Sarcasmo

    "Past tense of "combobulate"."

    --Sarcasmo, you should know better than to node "Past tense of..." crap! Besides, "discombobulate" is a corruption of "discompose"... there is no real word "combobulate".

  • videogame by j0s

    "See video game"