I think this space will be my log for the next week, as I'm sick of most of my w/u's being editor logs, and there's no good reason for it being daily.

The battle to get Nailbunny to fix her grammar and spelling continues. Oh how I try.


  • Cugel the clever. Told him to submit a nuke request for his writeup at 10cc. His information is wrong on two counts: 1) The average male ejaculation contains only 3cc of semen, and 2) 10cc got their name from a dream by Johnathan King.

    • Update: Cugel edited his writeup. It now mentions that this is an urban legend. That will suffice.

  • Roninspoon. The information at An english word that ends with V is repetitive; "shiv" is already mentioned in hatless' w/u, and I remember that hatless' comment predates Roninspoon's writeup. After all, I was going to add "shiv" to that list way back when! I told him it would probably be best to have it nuked.

    • Update: Roninspoon submitted a nuke request. Thanks.

On to the gallows:

  • drug users by shapes. This was a real work of art, so I am preserving it here for posterity:

    They usually have lovely jackets. They almost never look like this:

    |===----------- /   / -----------
    |===----------| (*}{*) |----------
    |===---------(|   ..   |)---------
    |===----------      /----------

  • potatoe by rodbegbie:

    "Hello Dan!"

  • godsmack, einTier's lone writeup:

    "This is where God comes down from Heaven and smacks you for doing something stupid, such as using windows software."

    -einTier is the only person in the world using that definition.