Happy trails:
  • Uberfestus by Uberfetus: Once again, E2's most inarticulate and offensive noder wastes precious 1's and 0's with meaningless refuse - this time, in the form of a misspelling of his own name. He tried to explain to me that the ancient node referred to an error (long-since fixed) in another user's writeup, but as far as I am concerned, his words were just ambient noise falling upon deaf ears as I flipped the killswitch.
  • Matthew and My Matthew by the long-gone TeddyBear1: Adolescent giggling about a cute boy. If she loved him so much, one would think she would be able to write some real content about him.
  • BearQcP by BearQcP: TeddyBear1 giggling about Matthew under a different name.
  • Soundgarden by ma773r: Linkless sentence fragment simply declared that Badmotorfinger was their best album. If you're going to be that subjective and minimalist, at least be right.
And let me caution against blaming every offensive everyone nodeshell on DMan. Doing so really does turn him into a scapegoat. And he figures that as long as he's being blamed for stuff he didn't do, he might as well actually cause trouble. How about just nuking them without speculating about their creation?