My editorial cilia are bristling. I think it's time for a speech.

Editors: I encourage balancing calculated restraint and stoic firmness in dealing with the angry multitudes (really just a few hooligans) who have so carelessly taken to poisoning the water of our fair towne with their filth and vitriol of late. One might be tempted to solve the problem with a flurry of nukes and borgs, but such violence only breeds greater distrust and anger when not combined with a hand on the shoulder and a firm talking-to. Children are angry when they're sent to their room, but a good parent knocks on the door an hour later and sits down with the child for a talk. You have been chosen for your position because you know how to separate the wheat from the chaff; but an important part of the job is passing this knowledge and wisdom down to others -- simply letting lesser noders know how they fucked up and how to make sure it doesn't happen again. Your wisdom also extends to users and ABusers; you know which accounts are salvagable with a helping hand, and which accounts were merely created to cause harm to the community. You know which seasoned noders are burning out. You know how to help the struggling; you know how to defuse the bombs. So far, your performance has been more than admirable, but I still think there are a few noders capable of "getting the message" that have slipped through the cracks. Keep your eyes peeled for open ears, and whisper some wise words into them.

Newbies: This is not a rebellion, this is not a signal that things are out of control, this is not the end of E2. Many people who are proficient with computers, and teenagers especially, have problems with authority, no matter how beneficial it is to their community. E2 has been a little annoying lately, but things have been worse. If you have a problem with the way things are around here, don't write some long-winded flame. Don't write profanity-laced one line writeups that you know will get nuked so that you can whine about oppression. Don't be a drama queen. Write an e-mail to me (my address is in my home node). State your concerns intelligently. I'll see what can be addressed. I'll attempt to soothe your concerns. But if you're here just to try to ruin the site, I suggest you abandon your account. You're not the first or the last one, and people like you always fail. You're not a martyr; you're just immature. I don't get angry or offended over your bullshit, I just delete it and take another bite of my sandwich. Save your time, go back to installing Back Orifice in the high school computer lab and making first posts about Taco's mom.

And a bright "Good work!" is due for the thousands giving their best on this site. Just because there are a few squeaky wheels doesn't mean I don't see the silent ones which really move this wagon train.

The "iron fist of fascist authority" hereby falls upon the following writeups:

Bashyle by Nailbunny. Empty writeup! I sent 'bunny an e-mail on August 31 telling her to delete or fill this bad boy. She's decided to neglect it. I'd like to publicly applaud Nailbunny for making a true effort in her most recent writeups to combat her predilection for poor spelling and grammar, but her oldies still have problems that desperately need attention.

Aphid Twix by Your Bestest Friend in the Whole Wide World (Nov. 13 user). A meaningless slam on Aphex Twin. So odd that I'm thinking that Your Bestest Friend in the Whole Wide World might actually be Richard D. James. In any event, his user name is so long that it's not even possible for him to logon to E2.