The NES's 8 bits shine in this Tetris-like puzzle game. The goodly Doctor Mario stands next to a giant jar full of some obnoxious viruses. Said doctor throws pills into giant jar in an attempt to exterminate the little beasts. Match the colors to kill the germs and win! Four items (pill or germ) of the same color in a row horizontally or vertically does the trick.

Every aspect of this game has been optimized to instill obsession in the gamer. There are 20 standard levels, but you can go past that, into an infinite amount of levels, guaranteeing that no matter how good you are, you will eventually lose. The two-player game is a true classic. Clearing pills and viruses in a chain reaction fucks over the other player, raining pieces of pills down on his jar. Even the music, "Chill" in particular, is designed to get stuck in your brain forever. And the game is only enhanced by drunkenness.

This game is more addicting than the painkillers Dr. Mario prescribes for Princess Toadstool under the table.

Note: This game is not recommended for the color blind.