Barbershop: Corporate Sabotage

All roles are gender neutral. As many characters as the director wants, just requires chairs for all customers (those waiting and one in Barber’s chair). Props consist of a pair of scissors, magazines, and coupons (all of which can be mimed if necessary).

SCENE: A Barbershop. There are people waiting (From here on referred to as Waiters, one of whom is Coupon) in chairs reading magazines, and one customer in a barber’s chair getting hair cut (Chair) by Barber.

(Enter Customer.)
Customer: Excuse me.
Barber: Yes?
Customer: How long is the wait?
Barber: About an hour.
Coupon: There’s no waiting down the street.
Customer: (To Coupon) Then why are you here?
Coupon: Oh, I’m just waiting.
Customer: (To Barber) How much for just a standard cut?
Barber: Twenty three.
Coupon: It’s cheaper down the street.
Customer: Really?
Coupon: Yup, in fact here is a coupon.
(Coupon gives Customer a coupon)
Customer: Thanks, but why are you giving me this?
Coupon: I work for the place down the street.
(Customer exits. Barber stops cutting Chair’s hair and confronts Coupon.)
Barber: What are you doing here?
Coupon: This…
(Coupon pulls a handful of coupons from each pocket.)
Coupon: Coupons for everyone!
(Coupon throws the coupons in the air. The other waiters scramble, picking up the coupons and run out following Coupon.)
Barber: Prick!
(Barber goes back to finish on Chair. Coupon runs back in.)
Coupon: Half off on highlights!
(Chair jumps out of the barber’s chair and runs to Coupon who hands him a coupon.)
Barber: Hey!
(Chair and Coupon run out.)


60 Seconds To Live

Again gender neutral roles of any type.

Scene: Two people One and Two are tied to two chars back to back. There is a small box on the floor, the bomb.

(One and Two struggle against their binds.)
One: Argh, I can’t move. You?
Two: No. These ropes are too tight. I think they cut off my circulation.
One: How long do you think till the bomb goes off?
(Two looks at a box on the floor)
Two: The timer says just under a minute. If only I could get free!
One: Well, it looks like this is the end for us.
Two: Yup, I guess you’re right. Damn it, this sucks!
One: Why’s that?
Two: Well, besides the obvious point of our impending doom, I just started reading a book.
One: Oh?
Two: Yeah, now I’ll never get to see how it ends.
One: You’re right, that does suck.
Two: Yeah.
One: How is it?
Two: How is what?
One: The book. How is the book?
Two: Oh it’s good so far, but I only just started.
One: Good, huh?
Two: Yeah.
One: Hey, do you think I could borrow it sometime?
Two: Yes. Yes, you can borrow the book sometime.
One: Cool.
(Lights go out. And if possible the sound of an explosion)